E1011 Labs: The CBD Company Born During The Pandemic

Covid-19 has forced many existing businesses to change the way they operate, but what does it look like when a company gets its start amidst the chaos of the pandemic?

2020 was a rollercoaster of a year, complete with a volatile stock market, supply chain interruptions, and record unemployment. Despite all this, E1011 Labs has managed to not only stay afloat but, in fact, thrive.

What is E1011 Lab’s?

Cannabis has a rich history as a medicinal herb spanning thousands of years. Not much has changed in that regard. Today, CBD and other cannabis-derived compounds are hot commodities in the beauty and wellness worlds. E1011 labs embodies the spirit of a modern tech company, while still drawing inspiration from this deep-rooted tradition.

In February 2021, E1011 labs celebrated their first anniversary of their online store. It all started in Southern California with an idea—to bridge the gap between centuries of holistic medicine and modern innovation.

The result of this synthesis is the Elon, their revolutionary CBD-delivery device. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, E1011 is still going strong.

What is the Elon?

The Elon aims to be the most efficient method of cannabinoid administration on the market today, and in this regard, it’s a certified success.

Currently, CBD tinctures, oils, and edibles are some of the most common CBD products not designed for skincare on the market today. However, these kinds of products aren’t very effective at getting CBD into the body. CBD has a relatively low bioavailability, especially when consumed orally. In layman’s terms, this means that only a fragment of the CBD in an edible actually makes it into the bloodstream, where it can have an effect on the consumer.

One way to counter this problem is to simply take more CBD to make up the difference, though this is hardly efficient and can quickly get expensive. A better way is to change the intake method. CBD has much higher bioavailability when inhaled. Common inhalation methods like smoking or vaping CBD e-juice come with their own set of problems.

When smoking, combusted plant particulates can end up in the lungs, causing a slew of respiratory issues. Vaping can help mitigate these risks, but vape liquid doesn’t have all the benefits of natural hemp flower and is sometimes cut with potentially harmful additives like vitamin e acetate.

In contrast, the Elon uses concentric heating technology to gently vaporize full-spectrum hemp flower that comes in a convenient, eco-friendly, disposable cartridge called a Stem. This allows users to experience a natural cannabis experience while still getting the most out of their CBD.

E1011 Labs Undeterred by Covid-19

E1011’s success can be largely attributed to having a solid product that fills a need in the wellness market. People want access to hemp-derived CBD, and they want the cannabinoid to work as effectively as possible with minimal health risks.

Though, as many have learned, having a great product isn’t always enough—especially during tumultuous times like these. Distribution has been another key factor in E1011’s triumph. While traditional vape manufacturers would be scrambling to get their devices in dispensaries and headshops, the Elon is exclusively available from the E1011 Labs website. Brick and mortar shops may be feeling the squeeze from Covid restrictions, but online shopping is soaring!

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