20 Best Grass Podcasts of 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about grass? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best grass podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us CBDevious (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Grass Podcasts 2021

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The Grass is Greener with Paul Greene

  • Publisher: Paul Greene
  • Total Episodes: 10

I will be bringing you all kinds of goodies for Inspiration, to nudge you past your comfort zone, to share new ways of thinking and some really powerful tools to have your life be something that you really enjoy.

Grazing Grass Podcast

  • Publisher: Cal Hardage
  • Total Episodes: 28

Helping grass farmers learn from grass farmers. Topics include rotational grazing, multi-species grazing and discussion about grazing systems. Each episode features a different guest.

The Girl Water Your Grass Podcast

  • Publisher: Girl Water Your Grass
  • Total Episodes: 16

WELCOME TO GIRL WATER YOUR GRASS! Where we talk about ALL THE THINGS to better yourself, your family, your career, your dreams and goals, your life… and how God’s dreams over us really are so much bigger than our own. We are just 2 girlfriends from the bluegrass state of Kentucky who grew up with 5 brothers each and reunited to take our dreams to the next level. We are inviting YOU to Get out of your own way girlfriend and come on this ride… because on this journey of a lifetime we never arrive!

A Kick in the Grass

  • Publisher: Sportsnet
  • Total Episodes: 39

Dan Riccio and Jeff Blair discuss the biggest matches and most significant news in international and club soccer. They are joined by guests from around the globe for insight into what is happening on the ground in Europe, the Americas and anywhere else stories develop. New episodes every Monday.

Let Them Eat Grass

  • Publisher: Austin Williams
  • Total Episodes: 38

Become a Patron! “Let Them Eat Grass” follows one farmer, Austin Williams, as he tries to make sense of the often complicated world of food and farming. Only 8 months before he began farming, he too knew absolutely nothing when it came it came to the food he put in his body. Show topics include the importance of real food, the deceptive tactics of conventional food producers, the necessity of revising conventional agriculture as we know it, the beautiful symbiosis possible between public and private lands, and realistic guidelines to find local farmers they can trust. That sounds like something we can believe in, doesn’t it?

The Grass Gets Greener: Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Thriving in Life through Inspiring Stories

  • Publisher: Melissa Wilson: Bullying Survivor and Anti-Bullying Advocate
  • Total Episodes: 137

This show is for survivors, by survivors. Each week I’m joined by an inspiring individual who has overcome a traumatic childhood to go on to not only survive, but thrive. Sharing their story to help inspire you to overcome the lasting effects of your childhood trauma. You will find that you are not alone in what you are going through, and that no matter how difficult things are now, there is always hope that you can transcend your past and live the life you were meant to live.

Pain In My GRass: the podcast

  • Publisher: Pain in my Grass
  • Total Episodes: 3

Two life long friends have come together to help you create and maintain an amazing lawn and landscapes. Brad, a die-hard DIY’er, and Jim, a world-class turfgrass guru will guide you through the process week by week. Creating a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood can become a battlefield. You vs the weeds. The climate. The insects. And even, your spouse. Listen, laugh and learn as these two share stories, product reviews, tips and tricks and WEEKLY actionable advice on how to be sure that your lawn never becomes a pain in your GRass.

Grass Roots Coach Cast

  • Publisher: Whatever Entertainment
  • Total Episodes: 74

Podcast looking at the different aspects of coaching football (or soccer) at the grass roots and youth level.

Green Grass Egg Farming

  • Publisher: Green Grass Egg Farming
  • Total Episodes: 18

Green Grass Egg Farming

Grass Routes Podcast

  • Publisher: Grass Routes Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 223

Grass Routes Podcast is a weekly podcast highlighting the opinions and stories of celebrities, influencers, the hosts and more. Hosted by Brandon “Killa BH” Hall, Regular Naz, & Wylson.

Grass Fed Podcast

  • Publisher: Caitlin Weeks | Nutrition Consultant and Nabil Boumrar | Paleo Chef
  • Total Episodes: 24

Caitlin Weeks and Nabil Boumrar are a husband and wife, chef and nutrition consultant team who wrote the bestselling cookbook: Mediterranean Paleo Cooking. Caitlin is also the blogger behind the popular health site Grassfedgirl.com. Together they will teach you cooking tips and ways to navigate a natural gluten free lifestyle.

Watered Grass

  • Publisher: Watered Grass
  • Total Episodes: 163

How do we find happiness in today’s busy world? The trick is showing up for our mental and physical health each and every. In this weekly podcast, we explore how we can care for our mental health each and every day. The grass is greenest where you water it!

The Brett Snodgrass Podcast

  • Publisher: Brett Snodgrass
  • Total Episodes: 263

The Brett Snodgrass Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBPidx70rstadlrS2piMt5g I am a successful real estate entrepreneur. I built a high-functioning business from the ground-up. I have hit the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I accomplished all the goals I set for myself. But as I’ve reached the “top of the mountain,” I realize that all of those accomplishments don’t truly fulfill me. I’m on a journey searching for deeper significance and fulfillment in business and in life. I know the struggles of being an entrepreneur, but also the satisfactions. I am now on a journey with other entrepreneurs to seek out what is truly meaningful, so that we can live our purpose. I hope you join me on this journey as I and other risk-takers and entrepreneurs share our failures, successes, struggles, hopes and much more to see what we can learn along the way. I’m not looking merely for success, but for significance. And I hope to build a community of entrepreneurs and businessmen who truly desire the same. I hope that in some way, I can help equip you to live your purpose.

SheSez with Linda Grasso

  • Publisher: The Golden State Company
  • Total Episodes: 143

Journalist Linda Grasso hosts candid conversation with fascinating women about the things that matter most: happiness, health and purpose. SheSez is a master class for the modern woman. In her signature unabashed style, the well-known TV broadcaster showcases her seasoned interviewing skills, fueled by a keen sense of what women want to know. With thoughtful cadence and saucy humor, Linda peels back the layers on each guest, giving equal time to successes and failures. Interviewees come from many stages and walks of life, ranging from Fortune 500 executives to forward thinkers to illuminating women who just have it down. Each 30-40 minute episode offers tangible takeaways for the listener: the secrets to living as healthy as possible, getting what you want out of life and achieving success on your own terms.

Unleash Your Inner Creative with Lauren LoGrasso

  • Publisher: Lauren LoGrasso
  • Total Episodes: 129

Repressed creativity is the cause of so much of the world’s suffering. I’m Lauren LoGrasso(a multi-passionate creative) & I want to help you Unleash! This show will help you become expressed & claim your right to have a dream & take up space. It lives at the intersection of creativity, spirituality & mental health. With the help of guests like Julia Cameron (The Artists’ Way), Guy Raz (How I built This) & Jim Kwik, we’ll talk about how to take fear out of the driver’s seat, get unblocked, find confidence & self-love, develop a spiritual practice & share lots of tools to help with mental health

The Greener Grass Podcast

  • Publisher: The Greener Grass Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 69

On this podcast Emily & Jaci talk about the pros and cons of various subjects. Interjecting humor with personal insight they ask you, the listeners, which would you rather?!

Greener Grass

  • Publisher: Kerry Wee & Kelli McVay
  • Total Episodes: 9

Is the grass greener? This show explores if perception is reality in business, relationships and motherhood hosted by two former dancers turned entrepreneurs who are from the same small town. Kelli is in the corporate world with four kids and Kerry has spent her time dancing in Hollywood. This interview series touches on everything from having babies to climbing the corporate ladder and making it in the entertainment industry to thriving in a small midwest town. Join us in taking an honest look into the greener grass on the other side.

Grassfed Life

  • Publisher: Diego Footer
  • Total Episodes: 169

Weekly insights for small farmers and aspiring farm based entrepreneurs who want to earn a living on the land doing something that they care about. A weekly show that tracks the farm season featuring two hosts: Darby Simpson and Diego Footer of Permaculture Voices. We focus on small family farming, grass based livestock, pastured poultry, grassfed beef, pastured pigs, farmsteading, farm sales and marketing, and work-life balance.


  • Publisher: rub
  • Total Episodes: 3

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Toy Heart with Tom Power (A Podcast About Bluegrass)

  • Publisher: Tom Power
  • Total Episodes: 13

CBC radio host Tom Power (“q”) and BGS (The Bluegrass Situation) bring you the most in-depth podcast about the origins of bluegrass ever created. Power sits down with luminaries of the genre such as Del McCoury, Ricky Skaggs, Alice Gerrard, Jesse McReynolds, Jerry Douglas and more for an intimate conversation about their origins within the world of bluegrass music. Episodes will be released bi-weekly on TheBluegrassSituation.com and wherever you get your podcasts. PRODUCED BY: Tom Power and Amy Reitnouer Jacobs / BGS CO-PRODUCED AND EDITED BY: Stephanie Coleman THEME MUSIC BY: Chris Eldridge and Kristin Andreassen

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