20 Best Dope Podcasts of 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about dope? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best dope podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us CBDevious (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Dope Podcasts 2021

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Dope Black Dads Podcast

  • Publisher: Dope Black Dads Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 189

The Dope Black Dads Podcast is an adult-only podcast for all parents or adults preparing for parenthood. Lead by Marvyn Harrison with contributions from the Dope Black Dads leadership as well as a host of special guests from the world of healing, media, parenting, TV/film, music and beyond. We discuss everything from co-parenting, masculinity, the black experience all the way to our favourite Netflix show. Don’t listen if you’re expecting conversations about nappies!


  • Publisher: Elise Swopes
  • Total Episodes: 38

Elise Swopes gives her thoughts about Instagram, wellness, and culture. With positivity first, anything is possible. New episodes once a month

Purity is Dope

  • Publisher: Katuiscia
  • Total Episodes: 39

Let’s talk about God, sex, relationship and everything that the church refuse to talk about. Entrepreneurship is definitely a topic we will be discussing. So let’s keep it raw & uncut

Dope Dayz

  • Publisher: DAYSY
  • Total Episodes: 40

A free spirit talking about spirituality, self-development, esoteric concepts, relationship advice, entrepreneurship, and sharing some wisdom to those who need it.

I Think You’re Dope w/ Eric Nam

  • Publisher: DIVE Studios & Studio71
  • Total Episodes: 13

Singer-songwriter and personality, Eric Nam, carries out authentic conversations with fascinating and people he finds “dope”. Make sure to subscribe, leave a comment, and rating on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. ‘I Think You’re Dope’ is brought to you by DIVE Studios. Connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @thedivestudios #IThinkYoureDope #EricNam #DIVEStudios For advertising opportunities please email [email protected]

American Dope

  • Publisher: American Dope
  • Total Episodes: 44

American Dope explores american history through the lense of crime.


  • Publisher: EyeSteelFilm
  • Total Episodes: 4

By the early 1970s, heroin was flooding the streets of New York City. Black and Puerto Rican neighbourhoods like Harlem and the South Bronx were hardest hit. This four part podcast series explores how Dr. Mutulu Shakur, stepfather of the late Tupac Shakur, along with members of the Black Panther Party and the Young Lords, combined community health with radical politics to create the first acupuncture detoxification program in America. Over the course of the 1970s, the Lincoln Detox People’s Program became a fixture of hope in the South Bronx and detoxed thousands of people off of drugs. DOPE IS DEATH explores why this program was considered a threat to the political and social stability of the United States. And how its brightest star, celebrated community activist and healer Dr. Mutulu Shakur, ended up one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted until he was captured and convicted of RICO conspiracy. Today, 34 years later, Dr. Mutulu Shakur remains incarcerated. Civil rights hero or enemy of the state? DOPE IS DEATH dives deep into the history of COINTELPRO and other legal tools that law enforcement can utilize to repress political dissidents.

Dope Chick Life

  • Publisher: MJ
  • Total Episodes: 8

The Dope Chick Life podcast will inspire you to live unapologetically and have the courage to take that next step. Your next step could be a new relationship after a divorce, deciding to join the mommy club later in life, or going for that new business venture. Your host, MJ, will be the bestie in your ear telling you to go for it! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dopechickmj/support

The DOPE Muslim Woman Podcast

  • Publisher: Sabria Mills
  • Total Episodes: 77

This podcast is designed to show the power of owning who you are and standing in our own truth on our path towards greatness. Muslim women are owning their own narrative and smashing myths about what it means to be visibly Muslim in America. We will discuss navigating our relationships, finding our authentic voice, and living our dreams without compromising own identity. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sabria-mills/support

Fatherhood Is Dope

  • Publisher: Aaron McGee
  • Total Episodes: 48

Fatherhood is Doing Our Part Everyday(TM), which means Fatherhood is DOPE! This podcast is all about celebrating men who have answered “the call” to fatherhood. On each episode you will hear host Aaron McGee with guest fathers having meaningful, fun, informative conversations about the many complexities of fatherhood.

Real Dope Radio

  • Publisher: Tim Jackson
  • Total Episodes: 157

Author, Real Estate Broker, Mentor, Go-Getter, Hustler! #RealDope

The Rope A Dope Radio Podcast

  • Publisher: RopeADopeRadio
  • Total Episodes: 821

Since October 2009 when the Rope-A-Dope Radio Podcast hit the internet airwaves Bringing Boxing Fans Predictions, Debate, Updates & Previews for Fresh Fight News, Topical Discussion of the state of boxing along with interviews with top Boxers, Writers, Commentators and Trainers over the years! The Rope A Dope Radio Podcast Goes Live Every Tuesday and is Hosted by Chris Carlson (Carlito). Rope A Dope Radio has featured Boxing Iconic Figures like Floyd Mayweather Jr and Bernard Hopkins; Established stars like Nonito Donaire and Bradon Rios; Established Veterans like Paulie Malignaggi, Timothy Bradley, & More! Respected writers such as Kevin Iole, Well known commentators such as Al Bernstein and a ground breaking interview with WBC President Jose Suliaman. Plus, Rope A Dope Radio Features Football and Basketball Pro and College Podcast as well! I would like to personally thank Joe Habeeb, Joshuwa Jernigan, Eric Ayala, Jr. for there many contributions to help build what Rope A Dope Radio is today. Also, everyone who has helped the show currently or in the past. Call in and let your Voice be heard (646) 381-4990 or Listen Live on you Phone on the Go and at Home! Call In, Listen Live, Chat Live Every Wednesday Night’s 9pm Eastern,8pm Central,and 6pm Pacific and Saturday Night’s for Post Fight Coverage.

“Dope with Lime”

  • Publisher: LES Center
  • Total Episodes: 20

“Dope with Lime” is a production of the Lillian E. Smith Center at Piedmont College. Through interviews with scholars, artist residents, readers, and more, “Dope with Lime” discusses Lillian E. Smith’s life, work, and continued legacy. “Dope with Lime” was a column that Lillian E. Smith wrote in the pages of the literary journal that she co-edited with her partner Paula Snelling. Colloquially, the phrase referred to cutting the sweetness of Coca-Cola with lime juice. In her columns, Smith would us satire and bite to comment on Southern life and letters. The column was, for all intents and purposes, blog and podcast like, relaying Smith’s thoughts in a conversational and witty manner.

Sharpen Her Iron: Conversations with Dope Women

  • Publisher: thequeenliana
  • Total Episodes: 27

Simply having conversations with dope women with the focus of sharing stories that will build Kingdom women of all ages.

The Cannabis Accounting Podcast by DOPE CFO

  • Publisher: DOPE CFO
  • Total Episodes: 66

The DOPE CFO Cannabis Accounting Podcast discusses the ins and outs of cannabis/cbd/hemp accounting. Topics include 280E, chart of accounts, starting & growing your own firm, overcoming software challenges, and more! Looking to get into cannabis accounting? To learn more visit dopecfo.com.


  • Publisher: Jaime Kowlessar
  • Total Episodes: 20

Raise Your Voice is a non-profit organization that seeks to create opportunities for individuals to speak up and out about issues of social justice and inequality. We are content producers and hope to teach you how to find your passion, and to use it for the common good of humanity. At Raise Your Voice we believe that there are two types of people in the world. One group makes the world better for themselves, and the other group makes the world better for others. Thank you for subscribing!!! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/raiseyourvoice/support

The Dope Science Show Podcast

  • Publisher: The Dope Science Show Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 70

Science lifestyle podcast that discusses crowdfunding , indie film, music, politics, randomness , education and everything science. We are all dope scientists! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-dope-science-show/support

The Dope Sessions Podcast

  • Publisher: Kelvin Wilson
  • Total Episodes: 82

From the mind of Kelvin Wilson comes The Dope Sessions Podcast . Kelvin is a Filmmaker, Rapper & Author who speaks and gives his thoughts on Pop Culture. From Movies & TV to Topical issues with a real sense of thought and honesty. Maybe He’ll mix in a movie and TV and Album review once in a while, with some interviews splashed in for good measure

Blue Dope

  • Publisher: Major Theory
  • Total Episodes: 15

Hosted by Blue and Olivia Dope, Blue Dope is a show that shares insight into the journeys (successes and failures) of your favorite entrepreneurs andentertainers. As a “fly on the wall,” you will be privy to seldomly shared information meant to inspire your own personal and entrepreneurial growth. Never stuffy, Olivia and Blue’s candid style of interviewing, and access to guests that YOU want to hear/learn from, will feed your soul and keep you coming back for more.

The Dope Girls

  • Publisher: The Dope Girls
  • Total Episodes: 28

Business owners Jessi Murray & Ãnna Frost team up to discuss all things CANNABIS RELATED. Roll a joint, rip that bong & buckle in. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

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