20 Best Medical Weed Podcasts of 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about medical weed? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best medical weed podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us CBDevious (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Medical Weed Podcasts 2021

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The Big Mouth Pharmacist

  • Publisher: Dr. Neal R. Smoller, PharmD
  • Total Episodes: 100

A sarcastic, slightly unprofessional medical professional talks the truth about wellness, weed, and Woodstock. Do supplements REALLY work? Are medicines REALLY the devil? How will my grandmother use recreational marijuana responsibly? Broadcasting from the most famous small town in the world – Woodstock, NY!

Farhan Abdul Azeez

  • Publisher: Muslim Central
  • Total Episodes: 28

Farhan Abdul Azeez was born and raised in Michigan. He completed his primary and secondary school from Michigan Islamic Academy, where he later served as an Islamic Studies teacher. He has studied Arabic and Tajweed in Egypt, and Arabic and Islamic Studies with local institutes and teachers in the US. Farhan completed his undergraduate studies from Michigan State University graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology. Farhan Abdul Azeez, completed his medical school from Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, and is a practicing Emergency Medicine physician in Dallas, TX.

Emerald Hour

  • Publisher: Sarah and Leah
  • Total Episodes: 14

Get personal with Sarah and Leah, owners of online smoke accessories shop Emerald House, while they get high and discuss life and how they deal with it – Stories, banter, discussions, and interviews about the aspects of life that confuse the f*ck out of us, and what we’re doing to figure them out. Therapy, weed, therapeutic psychedelics, yelling at Netflix because we’re always still watching… We’re all just trying to get through. ***We are not medical professionals and do not recommend or condone the use of any substance without complete research and discussions with trusted medical professionals.

Saving Sophie

  • Publisher: Saving Sophie
  • Total Episodes: 8

The Netflix documentary, “Weed the People” stars Tracy Ryan and her 7-year-old daughter, Sophie, brings you hard-hitting episodes of their heartbreaks, triumphs, and their inspiring path to a cure for Sophie’s low grade brain tumor. Not only did Sophie start taking medical cannabis at 9 months old, she is one of the industry’s most celebrated patients. After years of unexplained medical miracles, Tracy now knows it is simply science! Join Tracy and Sophie as they unveil their groundbreaking medical findings here for the first time, led by world renowned immunologist Dr. Anahid Jewett. They’ll share their experiences with other patients, medical professionals, politicians and celebrities, all of whom believe in the power of this plant… and have stories of their own!

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

  • Publisher: Pro Cannabis Media
  • Total Episodes: 174

Hosted by Emmy Award-winning producer and veteran New England sports broadcaster, Jimmy Young, each week “In The Weeds with Jimmy Young” talks about all the things that are driving growth in one of the hottest industries on the planet – Cannabis. Featuring current news and informed perspectives from industry leaders and disrupters in business, politics, law, investing, and medicine, mixed with compelling true stories of people whose lives were transformed by Cannabis. A medical cardholder since 2013, Jimmy earned his knowledge first-hand. The persistent dissemination of misleading and inaccurate information motivated the launch of “In The Weeds” to help create a better-informed population and end the stigmatization of medical and adult recreational use. Jimmy’s guests include Steve DeAngelo, Thomas. P. O’Neill, Dr. Eric Ruby, Brit Smith, Steve Mandile, Curt Dalton, and more.

The 8th Hour

  • Publisher: No Daze Off
  • Total Episodes: 15

Weed related news, the science of cannabis, and the culture that surrounds it. The 8th Hour is a podcast created by nodazeoff.com. Whether you’re a connoisseur, a medical patient, or someone interested in cannabis for recreational use, then The 8th Hour is the podcast for you. Join our high-minded conversations weekly wherever you listen to podcasts (Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor.fm, Pocket Casts) Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/8thhour/support

Weed Talk Live with Curt and Jimmy

  • Publisher: Private Key Publishing
  • Total Episodes: 71

Weed Talk live is a monthly live-streamed talk show co-hosted by the founder of Cannabis.net Curt Dalton, and the founder of Pro Cannabis Media Jimmy Young. Together they have talked live with the “Father” of the California cannabis movement, Steve DeAngelo, Ex-CEO of Canopy Growth Bruce Linton, CEO of Legal Sea Foods Roger Berkowitz, former Boston City Councilor and CEO of Verdant Medical Tito Jackson, as well as other Massachusetts cannabis advocates and pioneers like Dr. Marion McNabb, retired veteran Stephen Mandile, Pediatrician Dr. Eric Ruby and many others.https://www.procannabismedia.comhttps://cannabis.net

Entrepotneur Show

  • Publisher: TL Weedman
  • Total Episodes: 33

The Entrepotneur Show is a daily cannabis business podcast for entrepreneurs who are aspiring to start and build usinesses within the cannabis industry. TL Weedman, host of the Entrepotneur Show shows you the tools to affectively start grow and build a cannabis business. TL Weedman interviews both cannabis business owners, as well owners of ancillary cannabis businesses. Get up to date news on which states are opening of for legal medical or recreational cannabis sales. TL Weedman (along with his wife) started the first recreational cannabis club in the USA, iBAKE Denver in 2015. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/entrepotneurshow/support

Cannabis Confidential With Dr. Dina

  • Publisher: Cannabis Radio
  • Total Episodes: 44

Listen in as Dr. Dina, medical marijuana pioneer and inspiration for the award-winning TV Series “Weeds” shares never before heard stories, chats with cannabis insiders and celebrity friends, and provides invaluable perspective and insight into one of the fasting growing industries in the world.

Dr. Drew Midday – KABC-AM

  • Publisher: Cumulus Media Los Angeles
  • Total Episodes: 2586

Dr. Drew Pinsky partners with Leeann Tweeden in hosting Dr. Drew Midday Live with Leeann Tweeden on Talk Radio 790/KABC in Los Angeles and on KGO 810 in San Francisco. Dr. Drew isn’t just a celebrity doctor… he is the face and authority of medical views and advice in the media. The longtime syndicated late night host of Loveline gained major attention and celebrity after starring on his own VH1 show, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and continued his successful television run with Dr. Drew on Call on HLN. His numerous television and film credits also include appearances on Family Guy, Wild Hogs, Dawson’s Creek, Robot Chicken and The Adam Corolla Project. A practicing doctor, father, author, addictionologist, and media catalyst (especially on social media), Dr. Drew is an M.D., Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine, bringing his extensive medical and relationship experience to radio listeners in a show that focuses on the day’s hottest stories.

Washington Weekly Weed Report

  • Publisher: OD Ripp
  • Total Episodes: 30

Washington Weekly Weed Report offers the latest on Washington State bud, smell, flavor, THC content, medical uses


  • Publisher: JAY DEEJAY
  • Total Episodes: 5

Jay Deejay Presents: Circuit House Music BIO: Jay Deejay began DJ’ing at the early age spinning Techno Old Skool Breakbeats. He was very much into music from a young age playing with various musical instruments. During the late 90’s the Rave scene sucked him in for good. He started scouring hard to find vinyl records and rare european import labels. Though his DJ’ing passion has been put on hold to pursue his career in the medical field, he continues collecting various hard to find tracks keeping his music collection a rare find and unique. His sets are rooted in Old Skool Techno breakbeats as well as embracing todays mainstream, seamlessly incorporating Porgressive Tech House, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Circuit and Trance. He moves effortlessly between genres and various styles within the electronica spectrum while simultaneously pushing the limits of a pre-recorded track, dubbing and reconstructing them by the use of loop samples, beat & drums and blending them into his mixes. His influence are inspired by a wide range of artists and Genres. He continue to be inspired by artist such as Timo Maas, Crystal Method, David Guetta, 808 State, James Lavell, John Digweed, The Prodigy, Victor Calderone, ATFC, Chus and Ceballos, Scotty Thompson, Sharam, Richie Hawtin, Cedric Gervais, Alex Kidd, Krafty Kuts, David Herrero, Christian Dehugo and many more! “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” ~ALDOUS HUXLEY~ Keep Music Alive!

Hawkesbay, Premium lifestly clothing, gear, weed, cannabis and medical marijuana.

  • Publisher: Frankie
  • Total Episodes: 1

We talk everything that has to do with Cannabis, weed, medical marijuana and other recreationals. Our guest Dr. Z has joined us to share with us the medical aspects, views and precautions. We give you what’s up to date, what changes are affecting the cannabis world, and how can you better use CBD.

Get To Know The Medical Benefits of Marijuana For Pain

  • Publisher: Lloyd Dawson
  • Total Episodes: 1

In this podcast we will tell you about the medical benefits of marijuana. Herbarium provide the best weed delivery in Los Angeles. For more information visit our website.

The Cannabis Patient Podcast

  • Publisher: The Cannabis Patient
  • Total Episodes: 19

All things cannabis. Medicinal and Adult use. Hosted by patient turned activist and campaigner for safe and regulated access, traveled the country to speak at cannabis events, and a candidate in last general election – Kenny Tynan – an Irish medical cannabis patient being treated under licence. www.patreon.com/thecannabispatientpodcast #canabis #pateint #potcast #canbis #marijuana #weed #canibas

Smoke session to ease the mind

  • Publisher: Al Climaldi
  • Total Episodes: 3

Smoking weed sessions with you all. I am a medical marijuana card holder since still not recreational here. Blaze, chill, and let that mind be at ease. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/al-climaldi/support


  • Publisher: American_Stoner
  • Total Episodes: 1

Hello my name is Forrest but my bradcast name is American_Stoner because I use weed for medical reasons I have two rods in my back and I go threw back pan so I am a 4:20

The Noobie And The Doobie

  • Publisher: Timmy Boyle & Marijane Baker
  • Total Episodes: 3

He’s from the Church. She’s from the garden…of Weeden. They’re from different worlds with the same goal. To engage & explore the cannabis culture…from both sides. Join medicinal user, model & advocate Marijane Baker and non-consumer, former youth pastor & current clean comedian Timmy Boyle for a unique, funny & educational look into the magical, controversial and, for some, forbidden world of weed. On this weekly podcast, Timmy & Mj (a real life “mixed” couple) bring their cannabis pillow talk into the public domain as well as inviting guests, from inside & outside the weed community, to help educate, entertain & inspire the other noobies & doobies who are tuning in. <<< MEET THE HOSTS >>> Marijane Baker (The Doobie): “I’m Marijane Baker.” Some knowingly chuckle. Others reference Spiderman. And that’s how you weed out non-cannabis users! Yes, it’s her real name. Legally changed to better represent her journey, her passion…and to avoid the occasional stalker. At 27, having been diagnosed with anxiety, depression & IBS, Marijane was surprised to discover her 13 year cannabis journey was less “recreation” and more “medication”. After a negative reaction to prescribed pharmaceuticals propelled her down a rabbit trail of research into the benefits of medical marijuana, she now seeks to infuse a positive view of cannabis into as many lives as possible. >>> Timmy Boyle (The Noobie): “It’s Timmy B****!” Boyle, that is. Embracing his evangelical Baptist roots, the “Golden Child” successfully navigated his formative years without any alcohol, sex (despite “a colossal amount of opportunities”) or drugs…especially, “The Devil’s Lettuce”. Despite major philosophical & life changes, Timmy still doesn’t consume alcohol or recreational drugs. However in 2018, upon hearing Timmy had never even “tried” weed, Marijane introduced him to…Mary Jane. After a few puffs led to an immediate decline in his bowling score, Timmy merrily returned to his non-consuming existence, but his interest in discussing the science, culture & debates surrounding cannabis remains very high.

Jazz Cabbage Café Radio Show cannabis podcast

  • Publisher: Rick Thompson
  • Total Episodes: 16

Jazz Cabbage is the most unpredictable cannabis talk podcast in America! Based in Michigan, hosts Jamie Lowell and Rick Thompson are well-known for their advocacy (MiLegalize 2016, MiLegalize 2018, ASA of Michigan, NORML of Michigan, The Botanical Company, Michigan Cannabis Business Development Group). This is a cannabis news, talk and culture show with guests each week talking about social equity, the black market, the regulated market, new products, hemp and so much more! Jazz Cabbage Café started in 2017 and is a weekly video format. Regular Cabbagers include political activist and petitioning expert Debra Young; Shelly Smith, host of ‘Weeds and Reads’ podcast; Colin MacDougall and Jim Salame, Decriminalize Nature- Ann Arbor, much more. Other regular guests include Berg and Roche, hosts of the ‘Medical Mondays’ podcast; Razor Ray Reyes, rock guitarist whose credits include playing with Kid Rock and Insane Clown Posse; and Mr. Hash Bash, Adam L Brook.

Laugh to Crumbles

  • Publisher: Karl Simmons
  • Total Episodes: 9

Laughter is, always has been, and soon will, be the best medicine. Laughter en perpetua…is not a real latin phrase. Eight out of ten formerly retired doctors agree: this podcast will heighten and lighten your inner core and outerwear. It’s only a matter of time before we break the other two. “To laugh is to live is to love is to lighten the soul.” Said someone, maybe — or at some point those words will be spoken, although not necessarily in that particular order. This podcast has been prescribed by better doctors everywhere, and by mediocre medical professionals somewhere. Animal doctors, or "vets" as they choose to be called, may have scrolled past this very podcast while looking for their favourite spoken word blog. Anti-laughters all say: “This is reelee gud meddy-sun", about what? We don’t know. Possibly bleach, which could theoretically lighten the soul as well. So do it! Listen to at least one and you might laugh and maybe cure your ills, unless you have a bad cough. In which case take garlic and echinacea and call me in the morning. NOT recommended for use if you have: Bruised ribs Lock jaw Loser Face Inflamed spine Missing lungs Absent soul Warning, may cause bloating, leg badness, nausea, nail fungus, tintinitus, excessive ear wax and ragweed.

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